About us

Hercules Pigments

Engaged in manufacturing and marketing of pigments that are extensively used in Printing Ink, Paints, Plastics and Cosmetics. Hercules Pigments which is brainchild of Mr. Narendra Desai and Mr. Anupam Desai, men with formidable background in pigment manufacturing and technology. It was their vision to manufacture and market colours that have a character and charisma of its own and colours that conform to the standard quality names known internationally.

More than three decade of experience of manufacturing and marketing of pigments has resulted in Hercules Pigments emerging as quality producer combined with product line designed to give it users optimum value.

Journey of Hercules Pigments


Started 1st manufacturing plant at Vapi for Organic Azo Pigments - Reds (Mono Azo) Yellows (Di Azo) and Orange (Pyrazolone) under "Hercules Pigment Industry" with land measuring 2900 square meters.


Purchase new land at Rabale, Maharashtra measuring 2100 square meters.


Started 2nd manufacturing plant in Rabale, Maharashtra under "Staybrite Colors Pvt Ltd" for manufacturing Azo Yellows and Pyrazolone Orange pigments.

Entered Export markets with first exports to China, Nigeria and Kenya.


Increased production capacity at Vapi plant (Hercules Pigment Industry) to manufacture majorly Mono Azo Reds.


Purchased new land at Vapi GIDC measuring 2900 square meters.


Started 3rd manufacturing plant under "Nutech Colors Pvt Ltd" for DNA Orange 5 and Naphthol Reds


Purchased new land at Vapi GIDC measuring 5000 square meters to manufacture Yellows and Orange pigments. Started construction.


Opened 4th manufacturing plant in Vapi for Azo Yellows (Di and Mono) and Orange (Pyrazolone). Company formed as - Hercules Pigments Pvt Ltd.


Closed and merged Staybrite Colors Pvt Ltd with Hercules Pigments Pvt Ltd. Moved all products manufacturing of Staybrite Colors and business to Hercules Pigments Pvt Ltd.


Moved to new corporate office in Mumbai.


Merged Hercules Pigment Industry with Hercules Pigments Pvt Ltd.


Company accredited system certifications for all manufacturing plants and corporate office for ISO9008, ISO14001 and OSHA18001

Purchased new land at Sarigam GIDC to manufacture Organic Pigments for Domestic as well as International markets.


Merged Nutech Colors Pvt Ltd with Hercules Pigments Pvt Ltd.


ISO certifications recertified for all 3 plants and office for all accreditations.

Received Environment Clearance for the Sarigam plant.


Started construction of plant at Sarigam plant.

ISO certifications recertified


Started the 4th manufacturing plant to produce High Performance Yellows, Mono Azo Yellows, DNA Orange and Naphthol Reds.

Purchased new land measuring 8900 square meters at Sarigam GIDC.

Quality Policy

We at Hercules Pigments shall provide our clients in the Indian and international markets with quality pigments in order meet their expectations. We shall strive to enhance our customer's satisfaction by continually improving our products & services while maintaining adherence to all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

EHS Policy

We at Hercules Pigments shall ensure that safety and health of all personnel within our control as well as reduction of pollutants as one of our highest priorities. To this end, Hercules Pigments shall identify all possible risks posed to personnel in our premises as well as environmental impacts and wherever possible, eliminate or take actions to mitigate them. We shall strive to continually improve our EHS Management systems while complying with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.